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Mission & Values

Our in-depth knowledge of the print and promotional marketing industry gives us an advantage when getting to know your customers, products, and processes. For more than 20 years, we have been empowering brands with logo merchandise and print that engages target audiences in measurable ways.

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MISSION: To chase ideas that defy ordinary and inspire.

VISSION: In everything we do, we strive to achieve a better outcome for our customers. We know it's emotion that drives decisions and it's bold ideas that elicit the strongest rewards. Each day we cling to the notion that making something great starts with the spark of emotion.



To us, caring is much more than hitting the numbers. The metrics we set are to show our clients we care! The people we work with daily are more than employees, they are friends and teammates that make our company possible.


We continue to hire industry professionals to grow and manage our business. We work with professional organizations and advisors in the supply channel. This includes our manufacturing, and advisors. It is equally important that we treat our team, clients, and suppliers professionally.


Our job is not easy! Goals change, people and products change and the majority of what we do is custom. In our business, 99% right is 100% wrong and that is just the product part of our proposition. This means that we need to persevere to find the right solutions and we get the job done!

Doing the Right Thing

Few clients have the same needs and rather than force their requirements to fit what we do, we listen to them and provide the right tools to help them reach their goals. Our tool box is filled with the moral, mental and physical tools to do the right thing.

Moral Integrity

Equally as important as doing the right thing, is to know what is right morally for all parties involved. Not every circumstance has a policy or rule. We need to use our best judgment to be fair, to take care of all parties including our clients, teammates, suppliers, the company and our community.


At Aliant Brands, being reliable means more than performing to service level expectations. It means being responsible for your word. It embodies our other values in that there is trust that we care to do the right thing and that we will persevere to accomplish what is asked of us.

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