Aliant Brands Appointed Exclusive UK Distributor for Tricorp Workwear

British promotional marketing agency and workwear supplier Aliant Brands will become the exclusive UK distributor of Tricorp Workwear products. The Dutch brand is a well-known name in workwear thanks to its modern designs, strong technical and scientific credentials and streetwear-inspired aesthetic, all created for the most testing environments and weather conditions.

Branded Under Armour Now Available through Aliant Brands

We?re very excited to be in a very small group of distributors who are privileged to supply the Under Armour brand to the promotional marketing industry! What this means for our clients is access to more than 30 styles of branded Under Armour in categories like apparel, head wear, and bags.

So, What's the Deal with Tote Bags?

Shopping totes are in big demand. In fact, the category is experiencing its strongest growth in at least five years, according to some market experts.

Promotional Products for Pets

People are increasingly treating their pets as humans. They want their pets to feel cared-for, comfortable and mentally stimulated. So there is driving demand for added-value products, often mirroring mainstream human styling and healthcare trends. As a result people are prepared to pay more for their petcare products and to replace them more often.

Golf Must-Haves For Your Next Outing

As we head into spring, it's safe to say that golf is hotter than it's ever been as it?s a great socially distant activity and one that lets you enjoy the outdoors!


Aliant Brands partners with a ground-breaking sustainable bottle company - Ocean Bottle! We like hanging with like-minded businesses that live their purpose, so we are beyond excited to have partnered up with Ocean Bottle to bring you our very own Aliant reusable bottle.


Our collective efforts to stay healthy and safe should not distance you from your customers and employees. Virtual meetings and events are the new normal for the foreseeable future. Let us help you deliver a tangible reminder of your presence and brand while you are physically unable to meet. Use our resources to craft a custom designed event-in-a-box and we'll handle the rest.

2021 Pantone Colour Trends

Why is the Pantone color of the year so important? The short answer is because it will influence the trends you will see in the year 2021.

Premium Chocolate Gifts For Your Clients & Employees

Whether you are looking to build a brand, say thank you or simply spread the word - We have the perfect products to get your business noticed. You can personalize any of our delicious treats with your logo and branding!

Branding Elevates Trust and Growth for your Business

Branding is an important part of any business? success. Many people think branding is just a logo, or making marketing materials look sleek, but it?s much, much more than that. Branding accelerates a business, driving sales, success and growth.

Why Employee Gifts Are Important

Employee gifts have always been an important part of the promotional products business.

A New Focus On Climate Change

2020 has changed the way we live. Amid a global pandemic, people everywhere are shifting focus to the things that matter most, like protecting the planet.

Healthy Planet, Healthy Life

2020 has changed the way we live. And during this pandemic, people everywhere are shifting focus to the things that matter most, like their health. But to care for our own health isn?t enough. We also must do our part to protect the planet. After all, we?ve only got one, and it?s important that we take advantage of this opportunity for progress in the fight against climate change.


Marketing doesn't always have to involve lengthy and costly strategies. Sometimes even the smallest of things can make the biggest impact. That's what promotional products are for - to grab attention and allow the product to encourage the recipients to bring their business to you! The more promotional items you are able to hand out, the more potential customers you will reach.


Every business should consider adding promotional products to their marketing strategy. When tied in with an effective marketing strategy, it can add value to any campaign and create a memorable experience. With affordable costs, high impression rates, and increased brand loyalty, why wouldn?t you include promotional gifts as a part of your advertising campaigns?