2021 Pantone Colour Trends

Why is the Pantone color of the year so important? The short answer is because it will influence the trends you will see in the year 2021. Pantone’s ability to forecast color trends is a marketing force that helps industries like furniture, textile, fashion, accessory, and tech designers choose designs from season to season.



pantone color of the year 2021


Pantone has revealed not one, but two hues for its Color of the Year, 13-0647 Illuminating +17-5104 Ultimate Gray. Illuminating, a yellow that appears like the skin of a ripe lemon, and Ultimate Gray, which resembles wet cement.


The Color(s) of the Year & How It Influences Marketing Trends

The Pantone Color of the Year is a color trend forecast for the consumer, which means that it’s intended to be used for consumer products and designs created for clients. Following this trend keeps your marketing fresh and shows you are forward-thinking. It shows consumers you are watching trends and can utilize them in aspects of your marketing.


Pairing your brand’s imagery with one or both Illuminating and Ultimate Grey into your next project or campaign will keep your brand up-to-date and guarantee to capture your consumer’s eyes. Riding this trend wave will help you stand apart from the competition and help propel your brand image.



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