Aliant Brands Is Your Eco Destination

Sustainability is more than a trend – it’s a long-term shift in thinking.

We believe that an eco-friendly future begins with small steps. And when backed by organization-wide commitment, the small steps add up to real progress. At Aliant Brands, our eco smart program is the driving force behind the actions we’re taking to move our organization, and the industry, toward a more sustainable future.



We’re building on our legacy as an eco-friendly leader, identifying new opportunities and creating sustainable products that are good for brands and better for the planet. We are making it easy for you to find the best sustainable products and make good choices for the planet.


A Changing Culture

You’ve been loud and clear – interest in eco-friendly products has never been greater. This demand comes from a changing culture, where plastic waste reduction is celebrated and laws banning single-use plastics are popping up all over the world.


Consumers today feel empowered and want to support sustainability. In a new survey of over 3,000 consumers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., international creative agency Futerra discovered that 96% of people feel their own actions, such as donating, recycling or buying ethically, can make a difference. Additionally, 88% of respondents said they look to brands and companies to help them be more environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily lives.

Sustainable Products

We’re working hard to bring you the industry’s best collection of sustainable products and apparel. The Eco collection contains hundreds of products and growing, with more being designed and developed all the time. Made with eco-friendly materials like bamboo, wheat straw and recycled PET, we’ve also made sure everything has a look you’ll love. And since we know our customers love retail brands, we brought some great ones on board.


We also realize every budget is different, so we’ve made sure that going sustainable doesn’t have to be more expensive. Our budget-priced options mean you don’t have to spend a lot to do little bit of good.


Botttm line: we all want to make better choices for the planet. That’s why we’ve simplified sustainability with Eco range, your single source for all things eco-friendly.



About Aliant Brands

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