Coronavirus: Actions businesses should consider

Be Kind.


Dealing with uncertainty

The coronavirus situation is evolving daily. No one can guess what actions may be necessary to take in order to ensure the wellbeing of employees, customers and our families. Naturally, all sensible businesses are taking precautions to ensure that they can trade as normally as possible. There is a flood of advice being issued at the moment. Here at Aliant Brands, we want to take a different approach: we want to focus on the human element. So here are three steps we believe all businesses that care about people should be carrying out.



Look after your employees

The number one thing everyone should be doing is to encourage people to wash their hands properly. People are far more likely to do this if instructions are right in front of them. So make sure you display as much signage as possible telling people what to do.


To go with this, make sure you have plenty of soap and antibacterial cleaning solutions available. Consider offering handwashing training to your staff and reviewing your cleaning frequencies and procedures. Ideally, you will also reduce the chance of infection to your staff by reducing contact. Try and increase the space between work spaces. Consider zoning teams to reduce the number of people in the company that staff come into contact with. And try and reduce travel to a minimum. Finally, be rigorous about sending staff home if they show any signs of infections, whether it is thought to be coronavirus or not.


Look after your customers

Take exactly the same steps for your customers as you do for your staff. If you have visitors to your site, ensure that you have plenty of handwashing signage. Try and increase distance between staff and customers and minimise the number of staff your customers will have contact with. You may also consider reducing the number of customers allowed on your premises at any one time.


Consider if you can deliver more to your customers. And do ensure that you disinfect both customer spaces and items being delivered to them where appropriate.


Look after others

This is a chance for businesses to be community champions. Firstly, consider what you can do for the families of your staff. Can you allow staff more flexible working in order to have time to shop for friends and relatives in isolation or to look after children if their partner is in isolation? If local shops are out of toilet paper, can staff access your ordering systems for this?


This is a time when we should extend our help to local communities as well. Are there any elderly people nearby who may not want to venture into crowded places at the moment in case of infection?



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