Capture the Attention of Millennial Buyers

A new survey by Sacunas reveals 73 percent of millennials are involved in some aspect of purchasing decisions at their B2B companies; and at one-third of companies, a millennial is the sole decision maker. The survey analysis included about 1,400 employed millennials (ages 20-35).


What makes millenials different? One of the key characteristics for these digital natives is their comfort with and reliance on the internet. Most millennial buyers prefer to research independently online before ever contacting a sales rep. That means you must have an easy-to-navigate website and a robust, but targeted social media presence to capture a millennial buyer’s interest.

If your website is complicated, younger people will probably bail out. This is a generation who has lived on the internet. They know what a good website looks like.

So what can you do? Create a social profile. Instagram can be a powerful tool for reaching millennials. Cultivate a honed focus, drilling down to the niche markets you serve. The more specific you can be on Instagram, the more the buyers will show up.

One of the things millennials are looking for in their online research of a company is social proof. Be sure to set up a Google alert for your company name and monitor it closely to stay informed about what people are saying about you. Your reputation is everything. Millennial decision makers look at reviews. They’re looking at all of that before they ever pick up the phone to call you.

In general, millennial buyers are looking for partners that are upfront, forthcoming and easy to work with. If you can position yourself as a problem solver through your online presence, then follow through with that promise in person, you’ll be more likely to become a trusted resource for millennials.


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