So, What's the Deal with Tote Bags?

Cotton Tote Bag


Shopping totes are in big demand. In fact, the category is experiencing its strongest growth in at least five years, according to some market experts.


Lots of factors are contributing to the demand, one of which is grocery stores and other retailers branding and selling their own reusable totes – a trend with three obvious benefits:


- Generates revenue through bag sales

- Generates brand impressions outside the stores

- Reduces environmental harm caused by single-use plastic bags


In the long-term, demand will be driven by more and more cities are outlawing them, with some countries proposing a ban on single-use plastics across the entire country. The environmental impact its obvious. Additionally, some retailers are discontinuing them voluntarily driving the demand for reusable bags.


It’s estimated that the average American uses 300 single-use plastics per year. About 1% are returned for recycling.


In addition to the obvious environmental impact, brands also want to be associated with reusability and are creating their own bags. Lululemon is a great example – their bags are almost like a status symbol. Same with SoulCycle, and it’s just a laminated bag. People want to show off they’re not using disposable bags. They’ll use them for work, going to the gym or shopping.


An absolute big winner in the reusable bag catatory is cotton. This is the fastest growing segment. It’s part of the trend toward natural materials and more natural color palettes. And recycled cotton has been a big winner, really taking that eco-conscious idea to another level. Reason for it? With recycled cotton, you’re keeping tons and tons of cotton out of landfills by taking scraps left over from manufacturing other products and turning them into something useful.


Other reusable bag products will also get a bit of traction, like insulated tote-style bags with summer picnic season around the corner and the huge demand in insulated tote-style bags from the food delivery sector. These insulated bags are also great for both grocery delivery and takeout from restaurants. The real nice thing about insulated bags is they’re so easy to clean.


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